Flappy Bird Finally goes off from App Stores

Flappy Bird, a smartphone game that has become a big sensation, is no longer out there on the App Store or Google Play. The game’s creator Dong Nguyen wrote on Twitter this weekend that the game’s success “ruins my simple life”. “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now (that was 12Noon EST yesterday), I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I just cannot take this any longer,” he tweeted. Nguyen told a leading magazine last week that Flappy Bird was making US $50,000 a day, and has been downloaded at least 50 million times combined across both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Its sudden success prompted an unusual amount of criticism, with some accusing Nguyen of copying the stuff from Nintendo IPs. Although, his theory on the matter seems to be quite different. “It isn’t something associated with legal problems,” he had tweeted. “I simply cannot keep it anymore.” Titles like ‘Flappy Octopus’, ‘Clumsy Bird’ and ‘Flappy Angry Bird’ had really got affected with the Flappy bird going up the charts on Google Play. The free-to-play game needs users to navigate a bird through endlessly approaching and randomly generated pipes. Its high difficulty has inspired users to share scores via social media, so helping promote the game virally. Via: ComputerandVideogames