EA Predicts Germany as World Cup Champions

EA Sports have turned out to be the predictors for the FIFA World Cup 2014. And guess what, it’s not the home team or any other South American team that they have predicted as winners, but it’s Germany. Last time in 2010, they had gone correct in their prediction of Spain as World Cup champions. EA simulated the balls in the 2014 FIFA World Cup engine and came up with an outcome of a win for Germany against tournament holders Brazil.

And their prediction had Germany seeing off Brazil with a 2-1 win, with Miroslav Klose netting the crucial goal. It’s not just football where they have gone right, even Madden simulator predicted 8 of the last 11 Super Bowl winners. Yes, nothing can be assured from this as they have gone wrong also pretty times, like in predicting England as semi-finalists in the last edition.