Document Scanning Support To Come To Chrome OS

Chromebooks didn’t exactly take the globe by storm when they had hit the market. Far away from being an instant hit, they were widely panned for their restricted practicality. But still the team has been able to come a long way since then. The 2 million Chromebooks that were shipped in 2013 are a testament to what proportion Chrome OS has matured since its early days, when it had been probably nothing more than an overhyped browser. Now, the cloud-based OS is ready to tick another key box: document scanning support.

“Basic document scanning in Chrome OS goes through the method of an API proposal,” wrote Chromium author François Beaufort in a Google plus post Friday. “It means that it’s getting closer and that the chromium team likes to experiment wherever it can.”

The feature will tap into the Chrome OS lorgnette scanning API to detect USB- and LAN-attached scanners, acquire single-page scans, and posit the scanned pictures within the default transfer location.