Xiaomi: The Next Big Name In The Mobile World

Well, probably you may not have heard of that name before and you might be wondering that it may be some normal Chinese product. But no, Xiaomi is something beyond your expectations and is touted to beat the sales of Apple and Samsung in China soon. It is so because this month Xiaomi smartphone has hit a milestone, by overtaking …


Kingston Brings In New 256GB Flash Drive To USA

If you believed portable hard disk was really portable and easy to carry anywhere, give it a thought again. It is because Kingston has come up with a small in size but big on storage Flash Drive called DataTraveler 310. This new device is a standard USB flash drive, but the only major difference is its 256GB storage capability that …


Xbox one with sound capabilities

The details about the May update have arrived and there are going to add sound options for various apps and chat. The participants in the Xbox One’s early access program will probably get this new update arrive sometime this week, while the other general users will have to wait for some time. “Major Nelson” explained via his post that once …

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Paperclip Armrest to Solve Armrest Sharing Issues in a Plane

It must have happened with most of you – sharing or fighting for an armrest with a fellow passenger. The situation might have become awkward at certain instances, but a new concept design called the Paperclip Armrest will likely take care of it in coming times. It has been designed on a simple basis which effectively doubles the space and grants two passengers a chance to use the same armrest simultaneously. This new concept armrest has been designed by James Lee of Hong Kong­based Paperclip Design. He has already won various awards for his innovative aerospace design concepts like the Crystal Cabin Award and many others to name. His design, the Paperclip Armrest is already patented in the U.S. and UK and has also won prestigious awards such as the Good Design Award and Red Dot Award. It may take some time for its entry into the aviation arena, but till then it can be used in theaters, multiplexes as well.

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GameStop to Host a Make­a­Wish Donation Program 

GameStop, the American video game retailer is going to host a Make­A­Wish donation program in its stores next month, starting from May 1 till May 31. The donation program will be urging customers to donate $1 or more in addition to their purchases. All collections made in this donation program will go directly to Make­A­Wish foundation. Make­A­Wish is a charitable foundation that aims at granting the wishes of children diagnosed with life­threatening illnesses in the United States.  It fulfils one wish every 38 minutes. GameStop is targeting around $100,000 to be raised for this donation program in May.


Kadokawa acquires From Software

Dark Souls studio’s From Software has been acquired by Japanese publisher Kadokawa Games. The announcement was made via Japanese publisher Kadokawa’s press report. The acquisition has reportedly been done to take advantage of the company’s worldwide influence. From Software, the Dark Souls fame will now have to work alongside Kadokawa Games and its other associated teams and companies. Kadokawa Games …

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Twitch is the best live streaming site

Twitch has become the number one site for live streaming video content in the United States, according to a detailed report by video solutions company Qwilt. The company’s data presents Twitch way ahead of its other competitors. It currently holds 43.6% of all live streaming viewership, while WWE is the distant second at 17.7%. Even ESPN couldn’t come any closer, …

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Carnegie students develop Kinetica app

The researchers at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an app called Kinetica. It is an app that allows the users to touch, stain and play with the data on their iPads using their hands. Kinetica also has a feature that lets the users load any Excel XLS, CSV, and TSV table of data and see …

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Minecraft PC coming soon

Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed a video regarding the forthcoming update for the PC version of the game. The update offers more options for world customization in the game. The video also shows the game’s 16 new terrain­modifying sliders, which allow players to manually set the foundation of their Minecraft worlds. The update is also going to include some other customization functions, like the ability to decide which structures are generated by the game, for example structures like caves, villages, temples and strongholds. There is also going to be an option for the players to set the number of dungeons and the height of their world’s sea level in the game. A lot has been shown in the video about the update, but the launch date is yet to be revealed.


Dish Network Partnering with Artemis to Develop Superfast Phone Internet

Every top technology company is working on making the internet fast, but the service  that is still lagging behind in terms of speed is the phone internet. Keeping this in mind, Dish Network is partnering with a start-up called Artemis and going to work on pCell, a new wireless technique that according to them could probably outsmart 4G and LTE altogether. Artemis …

LG reveals more about G watch

LG has revealed  some more information about its much awaited G Watch on its official website. The smartwatch will reportedly come in two colours: stealth black and champagne gold. The G watch will be an always-on screen and will be both water and dust resistant. Apart from all these reveals, its release date is yet to be announced. The G …


Mobile Traction model

A while ago, the trick for getting mobile traction was pretty simple. It went something like this: Build something really great Get App Store/Play Store to feature you See your app gaining popularity Use some cheap installations to take it to a higher level Voila, you’re a star! This formula worked for quite a few years, especially for new start-ups …


Microsoft Excel For iPad May Not Give A Boost To Analysts

The Microsoft Excel for the iPad may not really give you much of a boost if you are a financial analyst. The Excel for iPad will not tempt you away from your four-monitor desktop, with your Bloomberg or Dow Jones feed in one monitor and excel running in the other three. However, if you are simply doing straightforward business projections …