Breva Genie – A Millionaire Watch

Gone are the days when watches were designed just to check the time. Gone are the days when people used to browse the net for checking the weather conditions of a place. Gone are the days when one would download savvy app for weather updates. Now leave that smartphone of yours in your pocket. Now your watch won’t just be used for telling the time, it can also give you the weather forecast.

The high-tech smart watches have been in demand for quite some time now, after the announcement of Google’s smartwatch, Samsung’s smartwatch and Apple’s iWatch.


The Breva Génie 01 is a mechanical watch that measures altitude, temperature, and predicts the weather using tiny moving parts.

Sensor-laden watches that electronically measure the temperature, barometric pressure, and magnetic north are not very expensive. For instance a good quality Casio with all the aforesaid features is seemingly affordable for about $200. But if you are watch savvy and filthy rich, you can invest an eye watering 150,000 dollars into the Breva Genie 01.

The mechanical watch’s proprietary pressure chamber measures altitude and local pressure with specialized meters for each. The Génie 01 is water-resistant up to about 100 feet (30 meters). In the first phase about 110 of these watches will be produced. Of which 55 will be available in gold and the remaining 55 in pink gold.

The reason for it’s mammoth price is probably because each of the pieces is handmade and it is literally a priceless work of art. Initially only limited series (read 110) are made available. It is believed that the initial list of buyers would include only a couple of watch-buying oligarchs. But nevertheless, you can always inform your fellow companions about the nip in the air or when it is time for them to carry their umbrellas.