Battlefield to Offer Players Daily Battlepacks, Shortcut Kits to Players as a Mode of Thanks

DICE is thanking fans for sticking on with Battlefield 4 through its launch mess with a whole month dedicated to players. Beginning on February 1, DICE will disburse special community missions and initiate daily giveaways throughout the month.

Every day players log into Battlefield 4 in February, they will receive a Bronze (weekdays) or Silver (weekends) level Battlepack, which provide random XP boosts and camouflage skins. Two shortcut bundles, that immediately unlock all bomb varieties and handguns, also will be made available throughout February at no cost.

DICE says it’ll still work toward improving the Battlefield 4 expertise. The developer is actively working to enhance the game’s coding, which will hopefully end in a more solid online expertise, and guarantees to share a lot of details on it at a later time.