Atlassian Is A Whopping $3.3 Billion Company Now

The tech experts usually talk of what proportion cash an IPO-bound tech company can lose in the name of marketing, sales and promoting, but the case for an enterprise software company Atlassian is quite different. The software company has matured into a profitable company valued at $3.3 billion. And that’s not it, now it’s even helping its 800 cash out live $150 million worth of their equity.

Its 35,000+ customers (most of whom are IT people) in 130 countries, which include most of the Fortune 100 buy Atlassian’s software on a self-service model. Atlassian President Jay Simons explained how the process is simple and straightforward, the client heads to the website, register for the cloud service or download the software and after all this they go.

It is an Australian company headquartered in Sydney. It makes project management software and chat tools and has been cash flow positive for 10 years.

According to their official report, the company has around 350 partners worldwide and 1,500 apps in its Atlassian Marketplace that has generated more than $20 million for its app developers. The company is also a generous one as it has donated 125th of its equity, around $3 million to date to an African education charity called ‘Room to Read.’
The company also has offices in USA located in San Francisco and Austin. The bright success has made its two young co-founders two of the richest persons in Australia.