Red Orchestra 2 free on Steam

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Tripwire Interactive has put on a great offer on its multiplayer World War II shooter Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It will be free to download today on Steam and the deal will go on for the next 24­hours. The deal is basically but to target the players who have not been very much involved with the game or were earlier not interested in setting foot into it. So, go and download it and spread the word. The download allows you to keep the game forever.

Webmuch ArchiveRed Orchestra 2 free on Steam
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Cadbury India Ltd., changes its name to Mondelez India Foods Ltd.,

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Well known choco brand, Cadbury India Limited has officially been renamed as Mondelez India Foods Limited. The move was taken earlier today by its board. With the confusion spreading over what Mondelez actually means, the company revealed saying “monde” means …

Webmuch ArchiveCadbury India Ltd., changes its name to Mondelez India Foods Ltd.,