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App Branding & Design is one of the most important aspect of an application. What the users see, how they use it, how their muscle memory works on the page and most importantly, what they remember about your brand. Taking all this into account for a single design takes research, color theory, design theory and experience based intuition. That’s exactly what Webmuch UI/UX team offers it’s clients.

Why is this important?

More Visibility

In a device saturated ecosystem it is very important that device is the least of the worry for your user, the site should work everywhere, smartphones, tablets, ebook readers, desktops, etc. Being available on every device gives a direct boost to site/app (brand) visibility.

Easy On Eyes

To be usable a site or an app has to be easy on eyes and your fingers, has the right placement of components to have the right click and taps. have the right analytics, like heatmaps to ensure the correct modifications, etc. We make beautiful apps while keeping them usable.


Every app has a goal, to generate a lead, to make a sale, to advertise a brand, etc. The completion of an app’s goal each time is called a conversion. Apps and websites need to be optimized for conversions by using cognitive science and information design.

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