Adidas, Nintendo join Hands to make Pikachu WC Jerseys

Pikachu! Thunderbolt! Pikachu! Iron Tail! Oh, I’m sorry! I just got into a Pokémon battle with Pikachu as my pick. It is because Pokémon is the mascot of the Japan’s Football Team at the Brazil World Cup. Adidas has manufactured football jerseys of the same colour as that of Japan’s team for fans sporting a Pikachu logo on them.

The jerseys are available for 7,400 yens for the fans and if you are a supporter of Japan’s Football team, then don’t shy from grabbing one. Even if you don’t support Japan or don’t watch football, then also there is nothing bad in buying one.

Pikachu was basically made the mascot of the team to increase the fan following of the team and especially for attracting youngsters.