Monthly Archives: June 2013

Yahoo Cleanups And Tweaks Itself This Q3

Yahoo cuts down some of its services to concentrate in sharpening its focus and delivering experiences that enhance our daily lives. And not a strange news for those who've been paying closer attention at Yahoo's "Mayer Era". And these are the services that you've heard, will be cut down. Alt … Continue reading

The Writer Of Precursor Games – Ken McCulloch Arrested For The Crime Of Child Pornography

The Bullet news of Niagara had reported that Ken McCulloch has been arrested by the regional police of Niagara. He has been arrested on the grounds of possession of child pornography as well as distribution charges. Ken McCulloch is the writer of Precursor Games, and also the artist and game designe … Continue reading

The Profit Goal For The Company Has Restricted The President Of Nintendo – Stopped Him From Resigning From His Post

The 3Ds has started doing well only recently, after being released a while back. But the Wii U has still been lagging behind. This is on the First party’s shoulders for its fall lineup. This has led to a serious frustration of the shareholders and fans alike. They have been struggling hard to brin … Continue reading

Plaintiffs Tussle With Facebook

The Facebook’s settlement of a lawsuit involving “Sponsored Stories” has opponents featuring an ad to display images of users of the social network to convince the federal judge that the settlement's terms fail to protect the privacy of minors, on Friday morning in San Francisco court. Acco … Continue reading