Yahoo Cleanups And Tweaks Itself This Q3

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Yahoo cuts down some of its services to concentrate in sharpening its focus and delivering experiences that enhance our daily lives. And not a strange news for those who’ve been paying closer attention at Yahoo’s “Mayer Era”. And these are the services that you’ve heard, will be cut down. Altavist Yahoo Axis Citizen Sports Foxytunes Yahoo RSS Alerts Yahoo Browser …

nba live 14

A Tribute For The Masters – NBA LIVE 14 To Feature All Time Legends

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What better way to offer tribute to the players who had created history. According to recent news NBA LIVE 14 will offer space to the all time great players. The details came out on Thursday afternoon Q&A with Scott O’Gallagher (gameplay designer) and Sean O’Brien, (executive producer) that Forty different players will have signature moves. O’Gallagher talked about the game’s new …


Nintendo Is Expecting Unannounced Wii U Titles To Release By 2014

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Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo said during an investor’s meeting yesterday that the firm has unannounced Wii U title which is expected to be released by 2014. Cheesemeister translated Iwata’s view as, there’s more information on development “than could be released at E3. Iwata said that what has been showing through Nintendo Direct Sessions and on the floor at E3 …

precursor games

The Writer Of Precursor Games – Ken McCulloch Arrested For The Crime Of Child Pornography

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The Bullet news of Niagara had reported that Ken McCulloch has been arrested by the regional police of Niagara. He has been arrested on the grounds of possession of child pornography as well as distribution charges. Ken McCulloch is the writer of Precursor Games, and also the artist and game designer. The police of the region have confiscated an amount …


Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Will Be Played For The First Time In Public – At The GameStop Expo 2013

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can be played by gamers at GameStop Expo 2013. This has been officially confirmed by GameStop, that this will happen at an event that will be held in Las Vegas on the 28th of August, 2013. You will be getting all the information about what is featured in the event online. In addition to it …


The Profit Goal For The Company Has Restricted The President Of Nintendo – Stopped Him From Resigning From His Post

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The 3Ds has started doing well only recently, after being released a while back. But the Wii U has still been lagging behind. This is on the First party’s shoulders for its fall lineup. This has led to a serious frustration of the shareholders and fans alike. They have been struggling hard to bring about a change in the management …


TSMC Shakes Hands With Apple To Cook A-Series Chips For iOS Devices In The Future

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From 2014, Apple’s iOS devices will be built on A-series chips powered my Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. This is was reported by Wall Street Journal. And this is what the report actually says: “This month, after years of technical delays, Apple finally signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to make some of the chips starting in 2014, according to …

the last of us

Release Of The Last Of Us Patch 1.02

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The 1.02 patch was released by the Naughty dog for the Last of US, which has many multiplayer problems like host migrations, connectivity and some gameplay issues. Some of the changes that have taken place is listed below. For Single player There is a change in the texture of a phone number on the bulletin board. For Multiplayer Technical changes …


Plaintiffs Tussle With Facebook

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The Facebook’s settlement of a lawsuit involving “Sponsored Stories” has opponents featuring an ad to display images of users of the social network to convince the federal judge that the settlement’s terms fail to protect the privacy of minors, on Friday morning in San Francisco court. According to Michael Rhodes, the attorney hired by the social network to handle the …