100 PS4 Games Expected in 2014

PlayStation 4 is almost sold-out out globally, Sony has confirmed, with new supplies coming in shortly – and quite necessarily, since the platform is expecting about a hundred new game releases this year. The news comes out straight from the PlayStation media summit held today, with the official PlayStation Twitter also confirming the report and the figure.

According to slides shown throughout the presentation, early shipments are majorly accounted for sales-wise.

“PS4’s have been typically sold-out out at all retailers though regular supply is refreshing the channel,” Sony said.

Sony Computer and Entertainment America marketing boss John Koller said that Sony is aware that it has to keep stock levels constant, commenting that the PS4′s launch isn’t like the previous PlayStation product releases.

PS4 users average a collective 34 million hours a week of play time, and 50 million hours of general console use along with entertainment functions.

48 million screenshots and videos have been shared up to now, with 1.7 million hours of Twitch and Ustream sharing.

PS4 has really lived up to the image of being called as a next-gen console and has proven that out with its sales numbers.

Via: Vg247